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Many people are uncomfortable writing in glowing and confident terms about their own business. But if you don't blow your own trumpet, you can be sure that no-one else is going to. And if you don't show belief in your abilities, how can you expect others to believe in them?

Never lie or make unsubstantiated claims about your products or services, but do have the courage of your convictions. Write positively and confidently, remembering that your message has to compete with thousands of others. If in doubt, take a lesson from the big brands they are never backward in coming forward.

Start with the basics

How often have you read half-way through a piece of marketing material and thought, 'what do these people actually do?' If your reader is not sure by the end of the first paragraph what you are offering, you have failed.

You may know what your product or service is just make sure your potential customers do too.

Be brief

Attention spans are short and the more wordy you are, the less likely people are to read what you write. Sentences need to be short and to the point. Breaking up your text with subheadings and bulleted lists helps break up slabs of text into more digestible chunks by:

  • highlighting the important points
  • creating white space within the text
  • making the text less daunting to read.

Keep it simple

Try to think as a customer rather than a business owner. What would encourage you to buy? What information would you need to know in order to make a sensible buying decision?

Tell your readers about the features of your product or service by all means. But never leave it at that put the features in context by explaining their benefits to the customer.

Technical jargon and acronyms which are quite familiar to you may have the effect of excluding or confusing your readers, so explain things simply and in plain language.

You may be good at what you do – the trick is to convince everyone else..!

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